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Specialist Kits

Specialist Kits are groups of unique Skills, Traits and Flaws which are only available to certain regiments.

Some of the kits are based on the section profiles published for the 1st and 2nd edition of Flintloque in various publications (see comments in brackets) and I have now brought up to date for the 3rd edition.

This is an on-going project of mine so expect new kits to be added to the list. If you wish to discuss Specialist Kits, please discus through The Notables news group.

Ferach Hussars Kit

The Hussars consider themselves the best swordsmen and the best dressed of the Ferach army. They do look down on other regiments particularly the Dragoons who they will sing insults at. Some foreign troops consider the Ferach Hussars as brigands because of some of the Hussars questionable actions.

Fire and Charge (Mounted Only): Normally a figure cannot change weapons in mid turn, but the mounted Hussar who is charging an enemy figure can fire his pistol or carbine at the start at his move and then draw his sword before contacting the enemy. To give him enough time to change weapons he must move at Quick March.
Cost: 3 Points.

Insult enemy (Mounted Only): The Hussar when he charges into melee with an enemy figure he shouts insults at them. There is a 1 in 10 chance that the insult has shaken the enemy figure, place a Shaken token on the enemy figure.
Cost: 3 Points.

Ostaria & Finklestein Dog Jagers Kit

Dog Jagers are rough, tough frontier types, very experience in fighter in rough terrain and their basic training took place in snow caped mountains.

Frontier Fighter: The Jager use woods and rocky terrain to his best advantage. While he is in woods or rocky terrain he adds +1 to his melee and as Heavy Cover while moving through it.
Cost: 3 Points

Terrain Knowledge: The Jager is experience in moving through woods and rocky terrain and class it a clear terrain.
Cost: 4 Points.

(This Kit based on an old article from the Alternative Armies website in 2001)

Highland Rats Kit

The Highlanders are much tougher than their lowland counterparts and their favourite way to bring terror into their enemies are to charge headlong in to them with shouts of encouragement to their comrades.

Highland Charge (Not Mounted): The Highland Rat with this skill is well trained in melee and when he chargers into to melee (must have moved at Double or Quick March) he gains a +1 to melee on the first turn of combat.
Cost: 2 Points.

Highland Faith: The Highland Rat has faith in his ability to rout the enemy and dose not receives a Shaken Token for his first wound if he initiated melee.
Cost: 3 Points.

(This kit is based on the “Captain Angus McBam” article from “Orcs in the Hills”, issue 9)

Ostaria “Frei Corps Von Chum” Kit

Before Colonel Digby von Klausaewitz took charge of the Frei Corps, they where ill-discipline band of cut-throats, but the Colonel transformed them into a highly motivated unit. The Frei Corp is an Elite Light unit.

Banditry: A trait left over from the Frei Corps bandit past. If the Dogs section won initiative that turn, than he can add +1 to melee.
Cost: 2 Points.

Thievery (Not section leader): If the Dog kills an enemy character in melee and there is no enemy or his section leader is not within 20cm, he will search the body of the enemy character for any loot in the following turn for his Actions.
Points Deducted from Character: -3 Points.

(This kit is based on the “Frei Corps Von Chum” article from “Orcs in the Hills”, issue 8)

Whurling Durvishs Kit

The Whurling Durvishs are specially trained Othari who are skilled in the use of the Sanbid (A large curved sword). Trained in a martial art of meditation which allows them to become one with their weapon and able to leap around the battle with lethal results.

Mesmerise Attack: The Dervish has trained for years in his martial arts and for his Action may enter melee with any enemy figure within a 10cm radius of him (Do not move the Dervish figure). If he wins the melee he may attack anther enemy figure within 10cm. If he loses or draws, his action finish and move Dervish figure to where he lost or draws.
Cost: 6 Points.

Mesmerise State: The Durvish is more aware of what is going on around him and can ignore the first modifier for being outnumbered in melee.
Cost: 2 Points.

(This kit is based on the “Storm of the Desert” article from “Orcs in the Hills”, issue 9)

Ferach Old Guards Kit

The Old Guard is not a troop type but regiments of the most experience troops; Velite Grenadiers de la Garde Mordred and Velite Chasseurs-à-Pied de la Garde Mordred. Generally an Old Guard section is formed by the following percentages of Experience Levels; Raw 0%, Average 20%, Experience 50%, Veteran 30% and Legendary 5%. Some other regiments do recruit their NCO from the Old Guard.

Ferocious Fighter (Not Raw or Average Figures): The Elf is a veteran of many battles and will fight with a ferocious manner which adds +1 to impact in melee.
Cost: 3 Points.

Battle-Hardened: The Elf is convinced to the point of arrogance, that he and his comrades are the most ferocious fighters on earth and the thing about the Old Guard is that they are. Ignore the rules for placing Shaken tokens if section drops in numbers.
Cost: 2 Points.

105th Rifles, “The Loyal Sharpshooters”

The 105th Rifles is one of Wheeling-Turn’s favourite units, he used them many times in the war in Catalucia, using them as scouts, screening ahead and to pick off the enemy officers. Because of this the 105th Rifles are more experience than any other Rifle company in the Albion army.

Marksman: The Orc is an experience marksman and adds +5% to his accuracy.
Cost: 3 Points.

Gone to Ground: The Orc has the experience of using the terrain around him to the best advantage. Enemy figures who fires at the Orc when he has not moved or not taken his action in the current turn get a -5% accuracy modifier.
Cost: 4 Points.

Krautia Guard Jager

The Guard Jager is an Elite Light regiment of well trained Krautia Dwarfs. Able to cross terrain fast, formed pickets, protect marching columns and cause confusion within the enemy ranks.

Marksman: The Jager is an experience marksman and adds +5% to his accuracy.
Cost: 3 Points.

Jager Trained: The Jager use woods, undergrowth and rocky terrain to their best advantage and class the terrain as clear terrain while moving through it and as Heavy Cover.
Cost: 5 Points.

Saxhunde Heavy Cavalry Kit

The Saxhunds Heavy Cavalry are Elite Cavalry regiments who are consider the best troops in the Saxhundes army. Mordred himself said that they are one of the best regiments of foreign troops he has.

Expert Cavalry: The Dog is an excellent cavalry dog and will rider into the enemies’ lines with no thought about himself. The dog will not receive a Shaken Token for his first wound if he initiated melee.
Cost: 3 Points.

Loyalty: The Dog is loyal to whoever side he is currently fighting for. Add +1 to discipline if within the line of sight of the army commander.
Cost: 2 Points.

Todoroni Guarda Kit

In the Todoroni army there a number of regiments that are called Guard, they might have the uniform but some are little than militia and then there are regiments like the “Cotechino Guarda” (see Grapeshotte) that the name “The Guard” means what it says; the finest soldiers of the army.

Hold the Line: The Todoroni is a very loyal and discipline solider, add +1 to his discipline if within 35cm of the section leader.
Cost: 2 Points

Fashion Victim: If the Todoroni ever goes prone or falls off his horse or he have knelt down behind a low wall or in artillery fire blast area etc. his uniform would have become dirty, so in the next turn or when he leaves the position he would have to dust off his uniform for his action.
Points Deducted from Character: -2 Points.

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