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Special Abilities in Flintloque

Special Abilities are the special rules that Alternative Armies have published with the various box sets, limited edition miniatures and scenarios over the years.  I have even made up my own.

I like to use them, but I tend not to give the character any extra skills or magic (except if the ability not that good or it is a limitation).

If you running a pure points based campaign you might not wants to use the because they could unbalance the game.

Here are a few Special Abilities that my friends and I have made up for the 2nd edition rules.

Karl Largerfiied (LE011) - When Karl gets within 20 cm of the enemy he is taken over with a Frenzy, he will throw his gun away and run into melee ( +2 to Melee when he is in Frenzy).

Hanes Pong (Orc Spy) - Hanes may disguise himself to be someone else. Hanes has a chance to fool other character's as follows: 80% Raw, 60% Average, 40% Experience and 20% for Veteran.

Sally O`Mally and Baby (Orc Camp Follower) - If Sally is with an unit they cannot sneak quietly about because of the Baby's crying. There is a modifier of -2 to hit Sally in melee because the Baby's nappies needs changing.

Lieutant FlashOrc (LE031) - Lucky! - can switch a missile wound to another ally, near to him, once a scenario. This transfers injury will cause a wound.  He is also a ladies man - will never hit a lady and can (Players choice) seduce any female character in base to base contact on 20% (increase to 35% average, 50% raw). He will keep then occupied for 1d4 turns in which case they then get an auto pushback morale test and cannot attack FlashOrc.

Verner Von Raucher (LE009) - Verner is a very impatient Krautian Commanded. He will always move his command at the first chance he gets - i.e. his unit will always try to get the initiative over all other units in the game so he can move first (or ASAP).


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