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Alternative Skills and Magic system for Flintloque

The following skills and magic system replaces the Skills, Traits, Flaws and Magic rules from the 3rd edition rules.

A figure (who is not Undead) can acquire a skill or spell when he increases in experience rating. Each time a figure increases in experience rating, they gain one skill point (i.e. an average experience figure has one skill point and a veteran experience figure has three skills points). Skills points may be spent on skills or spells as follows;


Skills have three levels. For each skill point a figure can buy a new skill at level 1 or increase a skill they already have by one level.


Figures must be born with magic (Vampires has their own magic), so there is a basic 1 in 10 chance for each figure that they can learn magic. It is presumed that most raw experience rating figures that can use magic have not learnt how to use their magical ability on the field of battle, so they can only acquire spells when they gain a skill point, but they can spend it on a skill instead.

Skills and Spells Point’s Value

For each skill level or spell a figure has add +3 points to the figures points value (i.e. a experienced figure has the First Aid at level 2, so he adds 6 points to his points value).


A flaw is a disadvantage for a figure. If a figure has a flaw they will get 1 bonus skill point, so it is possible to have a skill (or a spell) when the figure’s experience rating is Raw. A figure can only have a maximum of one flaw, but it must be a different flaw from any other figure in his section.

Special Abilities

Special abilities are unique or natural skills which had been published in scenarios and miniatures profiles. If you want to use them and the skills system, then I suggest you work out the equivalent skill level (and point’s value) of the special ability before you start allocating skill points. You may find that the ability could be over level 3.

Using Skills

Most skills give a figure a bonus while doing an action, but First Aid and the Fast Reload skills are actions.

Casting Spells

A figure can cast a spell as many times he likes in a game, but they are limited to casting one spell a turn. Casting most spells gives a figure a bonus while he is doing an action, but Ignite, Open or Heal spells are actions.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

First Aid
Both parties involved cannot do any other action.

Heal one wound of own once per game.

Heal one wound of friend, but only once for each friend per game.

Heal two wounds of own or friend once per game.

Swift Feet
The figure quick on his feet.

Add 4cm to Movement.

Add 6cm to movement.

Ignore movement penalties for linear obstacles.

Fast Reload
The figure can tap reload.

May perform a “Fire and Reload” action in the Tactical Manoeuvre Phase at -20% to Accuracy.

May perform a “Fire and Reload” action in the Tactical Manoeuvre Phase at -15% to Accuracy.

If action was “Fire” in the Tactical Manoeuvre Phase, then can “Reload and Fire” in the Aim Fire Phase at -20% to Accuracy.

The figure is naturally lucky.

Re-roll one dice roll per game.

Re-roll two dice rolls per game.

Re-roll three dice rolls per game.

Melee Fighter
The figure can fight more than one enemy at once.

Ignores the first -2 penalty for being outnumbered.

Ignores the first two -2 penalty’s for being outnumbered.

Ignores all penalties for being outnumbered.

Unarmed Combat
The figure can fight without weapons.

Add +1 to Melee.

Add +2 to Melee.

Add +3 to Melee.

Sharp Eyes
The figure can aim quickly.

Adds +5% to Accuracy.

Adds +10% to Accuracy.

Ignore obscured target Accuracy penalty.

The figure can endure more pain.

Ignores the effects of the first Hit and can act and when it is converted into a Wound, do not place a shaken token.

Ignores one Hit per game.

Add +1 to the figures wounds.

Iron Will
The figure has nerves of iron.

Ignore the first shaken token (do not place a token).

Re-roll a morale check twice per game.

Add +1 to discipline.

The figure knows how to move across a battlefield.

Force an opponent to re-roll one Firing dice roll one per game.

All figures firing against the figure get a -10% to Accuracy.

All figures firing against the figure get a -15% to Accuracy.

The figure has trained daily with a sword.  Only available too Officers.

Re-roll one Melee dice per game.

Re-roll two Melee dice per game.

In Melee the figure may turn a Wound result into a Push Back or a Push Back to a No Effect result, twice per game.

The figure inspires his command.  Only available to section leaders.

Re-roll any figures Morale Check within 15cm radius of the Section Leader once per game.

Increase the +1 Morale Check modifier for being within 15cm of the Section Leader to +2.

Increase radius of effect for being within 15cmm of the Section Leader for Morale Checks to 20cm.

Master Tactician
The figure is good at planning.  Only available to section leaders.

Add +1 to section’s Initiative.

Add +1 to the Section Leader’s roll to recover Command Points.

Increase Command Points by one.




Heal a wound to self or anther (action).


Adds +10% to Accuracy.


Adds 5cm to Movement.


Adds +1 to Melee.


Add +1 to Steady Rating.


A shooter has -10% to Accuracy when firing at the figure.


Light a fire (action).


Re-roll one dice roll once per game.


Move through linear obstacles at no penalty to movement.


Open a locked door (action).

Water Walk

Ignore all penalties for movement while crossing water.



Short Sighted
Only available to figures with a Firearm as their primary weapon.

Add -10% to Accuracy.


Applies to mount if figure is mounted.

Reduce Movement of by 5cm (10cm for mount).


Figure has a 25% chance per game of being drunk.

A drunken figure adds -10% to Accuracy, -1 to Melee, reduce Movement by 5cm and have a +1 bonus to Morale Checks.


Add -1 to Melee.


Add -1 to Discipline.

The figure has a 25% chance per game of bring bad luck to the section.

Bad luck reduces the sections Command Points by one.

Weak Constitution

Add -1 to Steady Checks.

Weak Leadership
Only available to section leaders.

Add -1 to the Sections Initiative.

This article is based on the ideas I developed while playing Flintloque Reloaded (see my 2nd edition pages) and I have now have updated for the 3rd edition rules.  At the time of writing I only had a copy of Flintloque Lite (3rd edition) and did not have a clue how the full rules treated skills and magic.

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