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Skills in Flintloque

The following ideas are how I use Skills in my Flintloque Reloaded games.

I have written the following so if you are running a campaign a character can advance in experience and gain skills.


I find the skills out of the Flintloque Reloaded rule book are a good idea and can be expanded on, But personally I find how they presented a little unwieldy in game play.

The skills currently work as follows, a character gains skills as advances in experience, from Raw to Average to Experienced to Veteran. They can chose any skill, but to have a higher level skill he must have all the lower levels (i.e. a Experience level character can have one experience level skill or two average levels skills).

I recommend that you use level numbers to make things simple for game play. So Average level Skills are Level 1, Experience level skills are Level 2 and Veteran level skills are Level 3. So for example; "Healing 2" would be the experience level Healing skill. And when a character advance in experience they get 1 level point to increase a skill or buy a new one (for Veterans characters will gain 1 level point per six battles he survives).

I would recommend drawing up a chart of all the skills for easy reference (example as follows).

New Skills

The following skills which you can add to the list from the Flintloque Reloaded rulebook, which you can develop for your own games.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Unarmed Combat
Normally when a character fights unarmed his weapon modifier is -3, but taking this skill, the weapon modifiers as follows (Level 2 skill means a -1 score).
As Weapon Modifier +1 As Weapon Modifier +2 As Weapon Modifier +3
Sharp Eyes
The character has the ability to aim quickly.

May Aim Fire even he has not aimed once per game. May Aim Fire even he has not aimed twice per game. May Aim Fire even he has not aimed, at any time.
The character can endure more pain.
Ignore the effects of the first wound (only apply effects if received a second wound). May ignore one wound per game. Add 1 to the characters wounds
Iron Will
The character has nerves of iron.

Re-Roll one Morale check per game. Re-Roll two Morale checks per game. +1 to Morale.
The character knows how to move across a battle field without getting shot.

Force an opponent to re-roll one Firing dice per game. All shots against the character get a 1 columns right modifier. All shots against the character get a 2 columns right modifier.

The character has trained daily in fighting with a Sword (This skill is only available too Officers).

Re-roll one die per game in melee. Re-roll two die per game in melee. May turn a Wound Result into a Draw or a Push Back twice per game.
The Leader has a battle field presence that installs invincibility in his men (Only leaders can take this skill).
Add +1 modifier to Morale to all men within 10 cm radius of the leader. Add +2 modifier to Morale to all men within 10 cm radius of the leader. Increase radius effect to 20 cm.



The other idea I have are disabilities.  A character may have a disadvantage like being shot sighted, but they get a bonus of a addition skill to compensate.

If a character has taken a disability, they can add one extra level to any skill or take anther skill (This means a raw character can have a skill).  But a character can only have a maximum of one disability.

The following list are ideas of disabilities, which you can develop in your own games.

Short Sighted
Only available to characters with a Firearm as their primary weapon.
Modifier of 1 Column Right for Firing.
Only available to characters on foot.
Modifier of 1 Column Left for Movement.
Character has a 25% chance per game of being drunk.
Suffering from being drunk has the effects of a modifier of 1 Column Right for Firing and 1 Column Left for Movement.
Modifier of -1 to Melee.
Modifier of -1 to Morale.
Only one characters per unit.
-1 to initiative for whole Unit.
Weak Constitution
Not available to characters with 1 wound.
Modify wounds by -1.
Hot Headed
Only available to a Leader of a Unit.
The Unit the leader commands, when deciding initiative must choose to take the first move available to the unit.


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