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Flintloque Reference Sheets

My friends and I have been playing Flintloque since the first edition of the rules and found ourselves flicking through the rules too much. So we have developed some quick reference sheets. They are listed on the bottom of the page.

All the sheets are compatible with all editions of the 2nd editions rules including Flintloque Reloaded, Flintloque Lite and the Flintloque Statistics Tables 1.2.

The quick reference sheets works like this, each unit has a "Summary Sheet", that is a record of each character in the unit. Use the "Quick Setup" sheet and the "Flintloque Statistics Tables" to help you fill in a "Summary Sheet", but you will still need to refer to the Rule books for spells, skills and guns etc. I have also included a filled in Unit Summary Sheet as an example.

The other two reference sheets are the "Morale" and "Rules Sheets", these are game reference sheets for use while playing a game.

If you use all these sheets you will not be flicking through the rules book much during the game. They do speed up the game.  Also I have also included a copy of the "Record Sheet" so you do not need to photocopy the one out of the Rule book.

All the documents are in MS Word format.

Quick Setup (Revised)

Example Rules Sheet Morale
Record Sheet Infantry Sheet Cavalry Sheet Artillery Sheet


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