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The Purrsian Cats

Purrsian cats live in Syrupia and the Heyaz Region, since the rise of the Otharmann Empyre they have been pushed to the fringes of society and now live mostly in family groups as Desert Nomads.

Purrsian cats are well known as merchants, trading rare silks and spices from faraway lands and also for making their world-famous Purrsian Carpets.

Some Purrsian catsí families are loyal to the Otharmann Empyre and will serve as Household Warriors, but others will fight for anyone for a price and the rest wish to live in peace (and make profit) and will not be persuaded to join any army.

Purrsian cats, also known as Assassins, are employed throughout the Otharmann Empyre to settle disputes between rival Otharmann families.

Purrsian Cat Profile

Racial Statistic Table


1 Double March

2 Quick March

3 Slow March

4 Half-Step March




Melee Mod.











Tooth and Claw: The cat is proficient in unarmed combat and has a modifier of +3 to Melee combat when using no weapons.
Cost: 4 Points

Silent Agility: The Cat is very agile and receives no movement penalties for crossing linear obstacles and receives a +20% bonus for climbing (scenario determined).
Cost: 2 Points.


Fur-Ball (X): The Cat is capable of coughing up a Fur Ball over an enemy figure within 5cm of him, place a shaken token on the enemy figure. One Fur Ball only can be coughed up per trait per scenario, but this Trait can be taken twice for two Fur Balls per scenario.
Cost: 2 Points.

Sharp Claws: The Cat has very sharp claws, add +1 to impact if he wins a Melee combat.
Cost: 2 Points.


Flea Bitten: The Cat is affected with fleas; there is a 1 in 10 chance per turn that the Cat will scratch himself instead of performing an action. Also one friendly figure per turn that comes within 5cm of the Cat has a 1 in 10 chance they will catch fleas with the same effect for the rest of the scenario.
Points Deducted from Character: -3 Points.

Water-Shy: The Cat is scared of water and there is a 5 in 10 chance per turn that he will not cross water or cross a bridge or get on a boat that turn. Also he gets a -5% to Accuracy and -1 to Discipline if it is raining.
Points Deducted from Character: -4 Points.

National Characteristic

Catís Eyes: Cats naturally see in the Dark. Alter the rules for Night Fighting (From Grapeshotte page 21) for Cats with the following; for a Low Light Skirmish there are no modifiers and for a Night Time Skirmish treat as a Low Light Skirmish for Cats involved.


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