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My Own Rules

Over the years I have written my own rules.  I have listed some of them below for you to enjoy and will be adding more to this page in the future.

Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt is a set of 20/28mm scale rules for games based on Monsters Movies.  Movies like Godzilla, Them and The Blob.

Monster Hunt rules page.

AD Wars

AD Wars is a set of 6mm SF rules.  It is a set of modifications for the Warhammer Ancients rules (1st edition) so you can use them for 6mm SF miniatures.  I have never play tested the rules, but I have put my 4th version up here for your interest.

AD Wars (pdf document).

Goblin Wars

Goblin Wars is a card game I designed about 20 years ago, but only recently wrote the rules down.  I have scanned in the card, typed up the rule and up placed them on my website for you to enjoy.  I feel that the rules still need a little work, but it is about time I published then (or be dammed).  The game is about Goblin Warlords who are fighting each other to become the King of the Goblins.

Goblin Wars rules page.

Ultra Simple Pod Racing Rules

A set of simple rules for running a Pod Race from the movie; Star Wars, Episode 1, The Phantom Menace.  Designed for young players and non gamers.

Ultra Simple Pod Racing Rules (pdf document).



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