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The One Ring Magazine

Some years ago Harlequin Miniatures released a magazine called “The One Ring”.
It supported their miniature ranges, including The Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who miniatures.

All the articles from “The One Ring” for “Doctor Who, Invasion Earth” are now up on the web, but here is a list from which issue they came from.

Issue 1.
Sea Devils and Silurians Profiles.
Terror from the Deep Scenario. Episode 1 & 2.

Issue 2.
Terror from the Deep Scenario. Episode 3.

Issue 3.
The Races of Vortis Profile.

Issue 4.
The Web of Fear Scenario.
Profiles of the Yeti, Rill, Mandrel, Chumble and the Darhvins.

Issue 5.
Background and Profiles of Cybermen (Cybernomad only) and Vogons.
Revenge of the Cybermen Scenario, Part 1.

Issue 6.
(Was published by Icon Miniatures, but was the final Issue.)
Cybermen Profiles.
Revenge of the Cybermen Scenario, Part 2.

When Black Tree Design took the company over, they put the rest of the Invasion Earth profiles and scenarios on their website, but no longer, because they do no longer hold the Doctor Who licence.

More information on The One Ring magazine can be found on the Board Game Geek website.


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