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New Skills and Abilities

The following are additional Skills, Traits, Flaws and Spells which can be added to your characters in the Flintloque game (3rd edition rules).  I will be adding to this page any new skills (etc.) I come up with.


Battlefield Medic (Any Race)
The character has the ability to save a life of a dead character. In the Resolution Phase if a figures is going to be removed because its has wounds which are equals or exceeds its wounds factor and the Battlefield Medic is within the distance of his Quick March move and he is not in base to base contact with the enemy figure, then he can move to where the dead figure is located (even if the Battlefield Medic have perform an Action that turn), then remove the dead figure and place a activation token on the Battlefield Medic at the start of the next turn. When it comes to the end of the scenario and you are working out “How Many Perished”, all figures that the Battlefield Medic has helped get a +2 on their dice roll.
Cost: 4 points


Heighten Smell (Dogs Only)
The dog can smell hidden enemy within 15cm and track an enemy on a 4+ (on a D10).
Cost: 2 points


Smelly (Any Race)
The figure has a natural very smelly odour and all friendly figures that get within 5cm of him will be affected by his bad smell. The effect to the friendly figures is a -1 to Melee, -1 to Morale and -5% to Accuracy.
Points Deducted from Character: -3 points

Garlic Eater (Ferach Only)
The figure is addicted to eating garlic and has the pungent smell of garlic always on his breath. All figures within 5cm of his get a -10% to their accuracy, because they cannot concentrate on firing.
Points Deducted from Character: -2 Points

Blood Magicke Spell

Bat Form (Vampyres Only)
A Vampyre can turn into a bat in for his Action and can fly off. Remove the miniature from the table, then for the Vampyres’ next turn action, place the miniature back anywhere on the table within 72 cm where he turned into a bat in the pervious turn, even next to an enemy character to initiate a Melee action. This cost the Vampyre one wound.


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