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New Actions

This article adds additional Special Actions to Flintloque (3rd edition), allowing a figure to perform other actions in the Action Phase, for example; to sneak into a town, open a safe or understand other languages.

Special Actions

The following table is a set of actions that any figure can perform in the Action Phase.  To complete an Action the figure must perform an Action Check.  To do an Action Check a figure must throw equal or higher then the Actions difficulty score listed on the table with a D10 to complete the action, otherwise he has failed.   A natural 1 thrown on the dice is always a fail.

Example - An Orc Rifleman is climbing a high wall to reach an open window for his turn’s action, which has a difficulty score of 6+.  He throws a D10 and scores 8, so he climbs up the wall and through the top floor window.



Difficulty Score

Successful Result

Fail Result

Climb high walls or cliffs (blocking terrain).


The figure climbs the wall.

The figure has fallen and is shaken.

Jump from height.


The figures land on his feet.

The figure has fallen to the ground and is shaken.

Jump gap (up to a distance equals to the move of half-step march of figure).


The figure jumps the gap.

The figure has fallen down the gap and is shaken.

Disguise self so the enemy doses not recognize the figure.


The figure fools the enemy and passes by at slow march.

The enemy see straight through the disguise.

Bluff an enemy to believe what the figure has said.


What the figure said is believed.

The enemy doses not believe what has been said.

Listen at door, etc…


The figure will hear if anybody is there.

The figure thinks nobody is behind the door etc...

Spot a hidden enemy figure.


If there an enemy hiding where the figure is observing then the enemy has been spotted.

The figure thinks nobody is hiding there.

Pick a lock.


The lock is unlocked (door or chest may be opened).

Failed to unlock the lock.

Move silently (move up to slow march).


The figure doses not bring attention too himself.

The figure has made a noise and can be spotted.

Hide in shadows, doorway, undergrowth etc...


The figure remains unseen.

The figure can be spotted.

Read Foreign Language.


The figure understands the document.

The figure cannot read the document.

Speak Foreign Language.


The figure makes him understood.

The figure is not understood.

Track an enemy figure.


The figure follows the tracks at slow march.

The figure losses the tracks (move figure in a random direction at slow march).

Action Check Modifier - If the figure is Heavily Wounded and is performing a physical Special Action there is a modifier of -2 to the Action Check dice roll.

Secondary Skills

Newly created figures can spend points on secondary skills (see list later for skills descriptions) additional to any skills from the rules. A figure can have any number of secondary skills.

Each skill has a skill level, from Level 1 to a maximum level of 5.  To purchase a skill at level 1 to will only cost 1 skill point.  To increase a skill to a higher level, it’s only cost 1 point per level (i.e. for a level 3 skill, it would cost 3 points).

Each skill adds a modifier equals to its skill level that adds to an Action Check dice roll that the skill applies too (i.e.  A level 3 Agility skill will add a +3 modifier to the D10 when the figure is jumping a gap).

Each scenario the figure is involved in, the figure can acquire more skill points to spend on his existing skills or can purchase a new skill.  If the game was won then the figures gains 2 skills points, but if the game was lose than he receives only 1.

Skills Descriptions

The following list of skills figures can purchase with skill points.

The figure is skilled in climbing and jumping, and can climb high walls or jump from height and jump across gaps.

The figure was an actor in his former profession and can disguise himself.

The figure can convince others (but must be able to speak their language, so might need to do a Speak Foreign Language Action Check as well).

Listen & Observe
The figure is skilled in observing what’s going on and can observe enemy figures that are hiding and can hear the enemy who might be inside a building or behind the next corner.

Pick Locks
The figure can pick the hardest locks to open. 

The figure is skilled in moving silently and can hide himself in shadows (etc…) and remains undetected. 

Read Language
The figure can read a foreign language (choose a language), this skill can only be chosen when the figure is getting created.

Speak Language
The figure can speak a foreign language.  A newly created figure can choose any language, but existing figures who purchase a new language skill gained by experience, than it must be local language from the area of the campaign (i.e.  If playing a Catalucia campaign then, Catalucian, Al-Garvey, Albion or Ferach).

The figure has the ability to follow tracks of animals or of his enemy.

Other Actions

It is possible for other actions that these rules do not cover; the following table give you difficulty scores for actions that are not already defined by these rules or you could just throw a D10 for the difficulty score.


Very Easy.








Very Difficult.


Nearly Impossible.





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