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Magicke Artifacts for Flintloque

In the time before the breaking of the Wylde Magicke, ancient wizards created powerful Magicke Artifacts which could win battles, but now in the age of Black Powder the binding of Wylde Magicke has been loosened and these artifacts have their lost power, but a few still retain some power and are now very rare and prized items.

Artifacts could be ancient army standards or inherited family heirlooms. These could be a famous standard from a great battle or an ancient sword that a father gave to his son before he went to war.

When you create a section, there is a chance that the section leader has been given an artifact. There is a 1 in 10 chance (on a D10) that he has. If the section leader was lucky enough to have been given an a artifact, than roll on the following table to see what he was given;

Die Roll



Magicke Weapon (Othari may choose a Magicke Bow).


Magicke Armour (roll again if the figure does not wear armour).


Cloak of Distortion.


Boots of Speed (may roll again if the figure is mounted).


Gauntlet of Strength.


Ring of Protection


Magicke Standard (roll again if the section does not have a standard).


Fake Magicke Weapon. 

Magicke Artifact Descriptions

Magicke Weapons
The figure has been given a magicke hand weapon of his choosing by his family, like an ancient sword, axe or warhammer. A Magicke hand weapon adds +2 to melee and +1 to impact.

Magicke Bow
Some Othari still use the bow instead of a firelock, and some have been handed from father to son, including bows of ancient magicke. Magicke bows adds +10% to accuracy and +1 to impact.

Armour and Magicke Armour
Since the coming of black powder, armour has been made redundant because it is no defense against firelocks, but some races still use it because it does give protection in melee and against bow fire. Some Ferach cavalry still wear breast plates and some Othari still use shields and wear breast plates. A Figure who wears armour adds +1 to their steady check and magical armour adds +2 (in melee and against bow fire).

Cloak of Distortion
The cloak distorts the wearer’s appearance and makes him harder to target with ranged weapons. A figure who has targeted the wearer of the cloak adds -10% to his accuracy for firing at the wearer.

Boots of Speed
The boots increase the wearer’s movement by 5cm for Quick and Double march movement.

Gauntlet of Strength
The gauntlet gives the wearer added body strength and he gains one extra wound over his racial normal.

Ring of Protection
The ring gives the wearer protection against getting wounded. During the wound resolution phase the wearer may prevent one hit to himself from converting into a wound.

Magicke Standard
The section which the section leader commands has a Magicke Standard. The Magicke Standard gives the sense of invincibility to friendly figures and increases the modifier for a figure being in line of sight of the Standard from +1 to +2.

Fake Magicke Weapon
The figure was given a family heirloom and was told it was a weapon of great power, but it was not (hard luck, he will not be listening to his uncles’ tall stories anymore).

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