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Magic in Flintloque

The Magic rules are not in "Flintloque Reloaded" or "Flintloque Lite", But come from previous editions of the rules.

Magic was in the original "Flintloque" rules and the Vampyre Magic was in the "Deadloque" Rules (1st edition and was improved in the 2nd editions ), but also Alternative Armies have released a free pdf document of optional magic rules for the 2nd edition.

If you have not have any of the magic rules (or you would like to alter the magic rules you have), the following might prove useful.

Basic Magic Rules

Flintloque Magic is no longer powerfully, since the breaking of the Wylde Magick.  Now it is simply a few individuals that has a magical ability that can cast a few simple spells that can help keep themselves alive on the battlefield.

There is a basic 1 in 10 chance that a character has a magical ability.  If their have, then there is a 3+ chance with a D10 that they have lent a magic spell per experience level.  You may want to give Vampyre's a higher chance of having a magical ability.
Heal A character can heal a wound to their self or anther (takes a whole turn).
Aim A character gains 1 column left for firing.
Run Character can run for an extra turn in a row.
Strength Character gains +1 to his melee modifier.
Block Any attacker in melee has a modifier of -1 to hit the character.
Dodge A shooter has 1 column right modifier to hit the character .
Fire A character can light a fire.
Light A character can light up an 8 cm diameter area at a range of 15 cm for one turn.
Blood Drain
(Vampyre Only)
If a Vampyre makes successfully melee attack results that in a wound on your enemy, then vampyre may heal one wound they have received.
Bat Form
(Vampyre Only)
A Vampyre can turn into a Bat in their movement phase and can fly off.  Remove miniature from the table.  Then in the next turn movement phase, place the miniature back anywhere on the table within 72 cm where they turned into a bat in the pervious turn.

If you are going to make up your own spells, then keep them simple.


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