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This is my page on games that I have developed reference sheets and anther material for, but I feel that I do not have enough material to justify a whole page.

High Crusade

High Crusade is a set of rules is for 15mm to 25mm Science Fiction miniatures and are simple to learn.  I recommend them for any one who is a beginner or do not play SF games to often.  They are available on-line from Wessex Games.  I have developed some reference sheets for the rules.
Reference Sheet

Summary Sheet


Prophecy of War

Prophecy of War is a set of rules for 6mm Science Fiction miniatures which I developed a new reference sheet, because of a new rules supplement the author published, so making the published reference sheet obsolete.   I have uploaded two different versions of the reference sheet for you to choose from.  The rules can be found on a number of websites and the 6mm Science Fiction War Games news group as a pdf download.  The download dose not have a front cover for the rules, so I have done my own.  Check my 6mm SF page out for more information on 6mm SF gamming.
Reference Sheet 1

Reference Sheet 2

Replacement Rulebook Cover



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