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Flintloque Duelling Rules

I enjoyed reading the article “I Demand Satisfaction Sir!” in The Notable Magazine (Issue 3) and  I have come up with some rules for fighting a duel in Flintloque Reloaded..

A Duel with pistols in Flintloque generally starts with both parties being ask if they willing to apologise, if never parties dose not then the duel continues. Both parties stand back to back with pistols upright. On the first turn they walk ten paces and turn, level their pistol and fire. But sometimes if they brave enough they hold there fire, aim and fire in the following turn. Anything other actions are deemed dishonourable. Both parties are generally allow just one shot and the duel ends with first blood, but if never parties hit his target then the duel can start again. Sometimes there are different rules agree to by the parties involved.

I suggest if you want to fight a duel in Flintloque you should alter the rules with the following.

A Duel will general take one turn, unless one or both opponents hold there fire and Aims.

The Turn Phases is as normal with the following alterations.

Declaration Phase

The orders you can give in a Duel can be any of the following.

  • Move & Fire
  • Move & Quick Fire
  • Move & Aim.
  • Half Move & Fire (This is cheating and very dishonourable).
  • Runaway (This is dishonourable, but it’s not cheating).

If the Duel goes to a 2nd turn then the Orders as per the rule book.

Initiative Phase

Initiative will determine who Fires first, not Movement in duelling.

Use the following Initiative modifiers;

Character is of Guerrilla Status. +2
Character is of Elite Status. +1
Character is of Militia Status. -1
Character is of Undead Status. -2
Character is Raw. -1
Character is Experienced. +1
Character is Veteran. +2
Character’s Order is “Move & Quick Fire”. +2
Character’s Order is “Half Move & Fire”. +6

If the Duel goes to a 2nd turn, the Initiative will be as per the rule book.

Veterans Character’s would never get involved in Duels if they can help it; it might affect their status in society.

Charge Phase

Not need unless there is some cheating going on.

Morale Phase

As per rules.

Aimed Fire Phase

Any character who’s Order is “Move & Aim” in the 1st turn of a Duel dose not fire until the 2nd turn of the Duel as per the Aim Fire rules (i.e. the character gets the normal bonus of one column left for firing).

If the target character has already fired in the 1st turn of a Duel, they should stand their ground, anything else is dishonourable. The Aiming character can Fire his gun into the air if he feels that honour has been served.

Movement Phase

In a Duel, moment is simultaneous in the 1st turn. If the character’s has moved (unless they are running away), they move at their walk movement and turn and face each other.

If a character’s order was “Half Move & Fire” then, modifier their movement by 2 columns left and turn and face.

Firing Phase

Firing in a Duel is not simultaneous and is determine by Initiative who fires first, but if the Initiative score is equal then firing is simultaneous.

When firing, use all the normal modifiers, but if any of the characters order was “Move & Quick Fire” then Modifier his chance to hit by “One Column Right”.

Melee Phase

Not needed unless there is some cheating going on.


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