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Doctor Who Invasion Earth

Doctor Who Invasion Earth is the only set of commercial wargames rules published for Doctor Who (now out of print).

The rules only contained the profiles of The Doctor, His companions, UNIT, Daleks and a few others.  The rest was released in the miniatures box sets, the One Ring magazine and on the company's web site.  The good news is that most of the profiles are available (thanks to fans of the game) on the internet still.  (including Doctor Who Invasion Earth news group).  On the Doctor Who Invasion Earth news group there are other profiles done by the members and also amended profiles, because there are a few we do not agree with.  It is worth downloading the profiles, even if you not planning to play the rules, just for the ideas.

Rule Book Errata

Page 17.  Trooper (SMG).  Point's value missing from top comer of profile should read - 1 PT.

Page 17.  Trooper (Grenade).  Weapon stats on Profile should read;


 D EFF PB (0-2)  S (2-5) M (S-10) L (10-15) E (15-25)

Grenades x3

2 3 - 3-6 4-6 - -

Page 18.  Trooper (Mortar).  Cannot perform a “Move & Fire” action.

Reference Sheets

I have also developed my own reference sheets for the game.

Reference Sheet Doctor Reference UNIT Sheet Cybermen Sheet


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