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Building Actions

Performing Actions in buildings in Flintloque will depend how the game has been set up and if you are using buildings with removable roofs or not or undersize buildings?

My friends and I have been using buildings in Flintloque games since the 1st edition of the rules and have come up with our own house rules. Here are my suggestions on how to use buildings in 3rd edition Flintloque.

Basic Modifiers

The following table gives you some basic modifiers for entering and moving about buildings (modifiers taken from 1st & 2nd editions of Flintloque).



Movement in Buildings

Class as Bogging Terrain

Leave or Enter Building Through Window

1 turn

Open Locked Door

1 turn

Open Strong Locked Door

3 turns

I have assumed that doors are opened easily and the Bogging Terrain rules will cover this, but if any door that are barred (i.e. locked) must be forced. A fortified building may take longer to enter and you should decide the rules when writing the scenario.

If you are using buildings that are in scale for Flintloque miniatures then the modifiers above should work. You can use model buildings with removable roofs or if not you could use floor plains. If you are using smaller model buildings (since most manufacture makes them for the 25/28mm historical miniatures) then you might want to draw up the floor plains large than the ground area of the model building. This will compensate for the size of the Flintloque miniatures against the model size.

Small Buildings

If you are like me you have not draw up any floor plains and are using your friends 25mm Spanish village which is undersize against Flintloque miniatures, my friends and I have come up with the following ideas (manly through our experience in playing role-playing games).

Divide each building into a number of basic areas (i.e. ground floor, upper floor and normally forget about corridors keep it simple), which each figure takes one turn to enter each area, so if a figure enters building with three areas, front, back and upstairs, it will take one turn to enter the building into the front area and anther turn to move into the back area and then from the back area it will take one turn to climb the stairs into the upstairs area.

If a player is defending a building they must decide if their figures are defending the entrance to an area (doorway) of have stood back (inside the room). If the defending player decided that his figures have stood back then they can shoot upon all attackers who enter the room and the attackers cannot enter melee in the same turn they entered. But if the defending player is defending an entrance, they can shoot into the area or outside (with two figures for a average size doorway and decide with the other players for the windows) and if the attacker decide to enter melee with them then only one figure at a time can defend an entrance (normal size doorway) and if the defender is pushed back the attacker can enter the next area.

End Note

I hope this article give you some ideas on how to move and fight in buildings, and help you to develop your own ideas for your games.

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