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Artefacts in Flintloque

Artefacts are special equipment, from a Units Colours to a inherited family heirlooms. 

These could be a famous standard from a great battle that an army won or an ancient ring that a farther gave to his son when he goes to war.

Flintloque is a Fantasy game, so it is possible that magic items dose still exists from the time before the breaking of the Wylde Magick.

The following is a set of ideas for Standards and Magical Artefacts, But they would be very rare and prized items.

Magical Artefacts

Here are some ideas for Artefacts for Flintloque (2nd edition).  So please use or alter them how you want.
If you make-up your own Artefacts, do not make them too powerful, because they could unbalance the game.

Magical Hand Weapons Adds +1 or +2 to Melee (but no more then +2).
Magical Amour Adds 1 the Defence Factor of the wearer.
Cloak of Reflection. It is harder to hit the wearer by firearms by 1 column right.
Boots of Speed. Adds 5cm on to Movement.
Gauntlet of Strength Adds 1 to the wearer Wounds.
Ring of Protection Reduce all damage done to a character in one turn by 1.
But all hits will always do 1 damage minimum.  So if a character received a total of 3 wounds in one turn, then only 2 are done.
Potion of Healing Heals 1d3 Wounds for the drinker.
Magical Bow

Adds 1 column bonus for firing.


Standards in Flintloque Reloaded

In my group of friends we have allowed Standards to give a benefit to certain Unit.

This depends Unit and how they think about their colours and their Unit “Honour”.

For example; A Guard Unit would be very proud of their Standard, but a Light Unit would not worry too much.

Normally we give a modifier of +1 or +2 to Morale to all Characters in the Unit within 20cm.

Also with some Units, allowing their Standard to be captured is very dishonourable, so we give a -1 to Morale if the Standard is captured.

I have judge the point's cost should be;

• A +1 Standard would cost 50 points.
• A +2 Standard would cost 100 points.
• And reduce the cost by 25 points if you want the Unit to gets dishonoured if their standard is captured; -1 to its Morale if it is captured.

Magical Standards

It is very possible to have Magical Standards . This would be very rare.
They would add addition benefits to the Unit and increases the standards point’s costs.

Here are a few ideas;
Fortitude: The Standard can re-roll a characters Morale check. This power can be used only four times per game.
• Last Stand: The Standard gives the Standard bearer a Melee re-rolls once per game.
• First Strike: The Unit may re-roll its Initiative once per game.
• Charge: Give all characters in the Unit +1 bonus in Melee for one turn if they charge into melee. Only once per game.


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