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6mm Science Fictions War Games

Welcome to my 6mm page.  I have been interested in 6mm SF for a while, I knew what style of game I wanted, but not the rules.  I have tried out a few.  I hope this page will help you in deciding on the style of game and the rules. 


Which rules you use is up to you, but I might be able to help you to decide.

OGRE miniatureA basic set rules that I can recommend is Iron Cow by Wessex Games (They also available from Brigade Models).  Also Dirtside II is a must, even if you do not use them, because they have loads of ideas and can be downloaded for free from the Ground Zero Games web site.  Anther set of rules is Epic by Games Workshop.  The is the current version is Epic; Armageddon (Rule book or a free download from the Games Workshop web site) and there is also NetEpic, based on a older version of Epic, but very popular (Check out the NetEpic web site).  Also there is Command Horizon (free download from web site) and Dark Realm Miniatures has their own Rules.  Also a new set of rules call Future Wars Commander, available from Specialist Military Publishing.  There are more rules systems available.  Check out the Free Wargames Rules web site for some interesting SF rules, I am trying out Prophecy of War (more info)


There is a large range of miniatures available if you know where to look, including other scales.  I do used 10mm Mechs and Tanks for large war machines and 10mm Armoured Infantry as 6mm Battle Armoured Infantry.

Here are a few links to miniatures companies web sites.

Games Workshop Command Horizon Ground Zero Games Brigade Models
Irregular miniatures Scotia Grendel Ral Partha Europe Reaper Games
Dark Realm Miniatures Steve Jackson Games Old Crow Darkest Star Games
Plasma Blast Games Angel Barracks    

News groups

There are many news groups on 6mm gaming, but you can not go far wrong then joining the yahoo 6mm Science Fiction War Games group first.

House Rules

I have started designing my own rules; AD Wars, using the Warhammer Ancient Rules.   They are available from my Rules page.



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