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Welcome to Orcs in Red

Orcs in Red is a web page dedicated to miniatures wargames.

When I started Orcs in Red, it was dedicated to a Fantasy/Napoleonic game called Flintloque.  But I am interested in more then one game, so I have expanded the web site to include them.

I have now got pages on DBA, Warhammer Ancients, 6mm Science Fiction games, Doctor Who miniatures games, Space 1889 RPG, Fantasy Navel games, a page of my own rules and a games resource page.

I have also a gallery of pictures of miniatures and a links page.

I hope you will enjoy my web site.


15/07/2014.  Updated the Flintloque pages.

15/07/2014.  Added a few new photos to the Gallery page.

22/11/2013.  Uploaded a set of simple rules for Star Wars Pod Racing to my Rules page.

29/07/2013.  I have made some alterations to the rules section on the Air War page, on how I play Sturmovik Commander with my 1/100 scale aircraft.

27/06/2013.  I have uploaded a new version of my reference sheet for Sturmovik Commander to my Air War page.

Please bookmark this website as;  www.orcsinred.co.uk



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